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The dress proposed by Sergio Nesci is dedicated to a person who wants to break away from the usual standards, offering a dress entirely customized both in cut and finish and in the choice of fabrics, of the highest quality.

Sergio Nesci knows his craft well, that ancient "know-how" expression of an exclusively Italian artisanal translation, understood as a wise ability to work and transform the rarest and most precious raw materials to create exclusive products.



A long experience with international customers has allowed him to gain knowledge, both technical and professional, to offer a product to any customer, giving the pleasure of wearing clothes made with the best fabrics in the world: 

     - super 150's wool - super 180's

     - Tasmanian Super 130's

     - super 160's micron 15.5

     - cashmere and baby cashmere

     - special fabric like Vicuna (the most expensive natural fabric in the world, the lightest it's warm.

Which measures just 12 microns in diameter, comparativelywith merino wool which is 16 - 18 micron.)

     - the best cottons, velvets and linens.


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