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Dedicated to the classy man

The groom Gentleman

Since he was a child, Sergio Nesci grew up next to the sewing machine of his father, Giuseppe Nesci, a tailor of the wealthy Rome of the time. Day after day she becomes passionate about yarns, fine fabrics, paper patterns and sewing machines. A story of talents, of traditions of taste, culture of elegance, craftsmanship, innovative readiness and culture of detail, these are the secrets handed down from father to son that continue in a uniquely family tradition.

A reminder and a hymn to the refinement, charm and elegance of the "Modern Gentleman".

Focus on fabrics, which is impossible to argue about, choosing only natural, excellent quality raw materials. A careful search among the most prestigious Biella yarns, touching on very high-quality companies such as Loro Piana, Zegna, Drago and Piacenza.

smoking velluto
abito bianco
abito beige
abito rosa
abito blu
demi tight
abito blu
smoking lilla
smoking nero
smoking bianco
smoking velluto
mezzo tight
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